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Version 1 deal

“We have been working closely with John and his team on this transaction over the past year. In Volpi Capital, Clearwater International found an investor with values that are fully aligned to Version 1’s core values and we believe that Volpi is an excellent fit for the next phase of the company’s growth. We would like to thank the Clearwater team for negotiating a strong result for the shareholders and for working tirelessly to ensure the transaction completed on time.”

Stewart Group deal

“I would like to thank the Clearwater team for managing the sale process so brilliantly, and for all the support and coaching that they gave the management team along the way. The journey was just fantastic in terms of an education and an experience throughout.

“My compliments to them as an advisory team, my first experience of PE has been a fantastic journey and for the chapter that they led I will always be grateful. I hold all of the CWI team in high esteem and I leave with fond memories of the work we did together.”

Aligned Assets deal

“Knowing that Clearwater has a strong presence in our sector we approached the team to help us with our exit strategy. From the very start of the project we were impressed with the team’s approach and dedication. Clearwater provided invaluable advice and assistance with the process and was fundamental in helping the management team secure the best financing for the deal. I have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater for assisting any owners with their exit plans. I look forward to seeing the evolution of Aligned Assets under the stewardship of our fantastic management team.”

Softcom deal

“It has been a pleasure working with Clearwater International and the team were professional, service minded and dedicated. Their strong track record within the Danish IT sector – particularly in the hosting industry, meant that they possessed extensive knowledge about the market and had strong relationships with key players in the industry. They assisted us in transforming complex financial figures and analyses into well-structured and appetising presentation material. I would not think twice about choosing them as financial advisor again.”

ChargePoint deal

“Clearwater International did an excellent job in advising us on securing investment finance to support ChargePoint’s growth plans. We were impressed by the team’s extensive knowledge of the sector and their clear and thorough guidance throughout the deal process.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clearwater to anyone looking for a firm to help support their growth potential.”

Sidhil deal

“We’re extremely happy with the seamless service that Clearwater provided. We are very proud of Sidhil and were assured it was in safe hands. Clearwater’s market knowledge is invaluable and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with them.”

FM Conway deal

“”It has been a pleasure working with Clearwater International and we’re delighted to have expanded the operations of our business with these acquisitions. Chris and his team offered expert advice and considerable support throughout the transaction and were committed to getting the deal over the line within tight timescales. Clearwater had the expertise and the experience to provide an excellent service in all aspects of the transaction. I would highly recommend Clearwater to anyone seeking corporate finance advice.”

Thyson deal

“The Clearwater International team demonstrated a strong understanding of the sector and what we wanted to achieve. Their approach was clear and concise. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with them when considering growth potential opportunities.”

Optionis deal

“The Clearwater International team did a great job of articulating a complex business to the potential buyer pool. They exhibited a clear understanding of both the opportunities and challenges within the sector and provided us with considerable reassurance, given their deep experience and knowledge of private equity transactions, that the shareholder’s objectives would be achieved. We have worked with the Clearwater team on many occasions previously and will continue to do so going forward.”

3H deal

“We have greatly appreciated Clearwater’s professionalism all throughout this process. Their strong dedication generated several interesting and pertinent offers for our Groupe, and also reassured the shareholders, composed of founding members and practitioners.”

MacDonald Humfrey deal

“Clearwater have been nothing short of amazing throughout the whole process and certainly went way beyond our expectations in terms of advice and steering us through potential roadblocks that we just didn’t see coming.

They made every effort to not only understand our business but also understand our markets intimately such that at times were obviously much more knowledgeable than some of our potential suitors.

They got to know us so well as people that I believe at the end they were in a position to know what would be acceptable to us and what wouldn’t work at all.

The complete team at Clearwater were totally focused on what was right for the business and at no time did we feel any pressure. They simply wanted to ensure the shareholders and the business found the right partner to ensure that continued success and growth was achieved.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater to anybody who was considering entering the process of looking to find a suitable partner for growth.”

Snom deal

“The German Clearwater team advised by Markus Otto was great to work with again. Their industry knowledge, profound M&A experience and professionalism was invaluable in completing this significant cross border transaction of Snom and VTech and creating a successful outcome. I look forward to the next engagement.”

Synlab deal

“It has been a pleasure working with the German Clearwater team advised by Markus Otto again and we’re delighted with the result of this significant deal. Clearwater provided invaluable advice, along with excellent sector knowledge in supporting our investment in industrial services and healthcare.”

TotalSoft deal

“I want to take the opportunity to thank the Clearwater team who provided wise and efficient support throughout the process. It was a pleasure to meet and work with such a fantastic team.”

Four Eyes deal

“From the outset Clearwater International appreciated the challenges associated with completing a transaction on a business that was only 18 months old. Early on they were able to provide an attractive alternative option by introducing the ideal private equity partner, in the form of LivingBridge, in to the process. Clearwater’s commitment, experience, support and positive attitude throughout the process were invaluable in helping to achieve an excellent outcome. Livingbridge’s investment will allow Four Eyes to expand and moves us closer to fulfilling our ambitions of becoming a market leader in healthcare consulting.”

Greenray deal

“This is a pleasing outcome for the company and we were delighted to build on our strong working relationship with the Clearwater team.”

Chase deal

“On behalf of the management team at CHASE we are delighted to have been guided and carefully supported by Clearwater. Clearwater’s intimate knowledge of the Pharmaceutical and CSO industry made the difficult process of choosing the most suitable partner to work with to move CHASE’s business to the next level, as smooth as it could be.”

Union Square deal

“We chose Clearwater because of their dedicated technology team and the impressive track record they have closing deals in our space. What we got in addition was strong advice, robust negotiation and a well managed project which gave a great outcome for the shareholders. They closed the deal, with a minimum of fuss, to a demanding US buyer and kept everyone calm and on track despite the political uncertainty that pervaded the UK in the final weeks of the deal. We would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater.”

Liquid Personnel deal

“We went through a very thorough process to identify a corporate finance partner. Once appointed Clearwater provided valuable guidance and market knowledge. The team gave us confidence in the transaction and were great at accommodating us throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Beech Holdings deal

“Clearwater provided guidance and support from day one when we told them of our plans. They sought funders who understand the business and are able to buy into the Group’s business plans. We’ve found a great match.”

Industrivarme deal

“I would like to express a special thanks to Clearwater for the very successful cooperation we developed throughout the process. Clearwater was structured, well prepared, excellent strategic thinking and showed great communication skills. The team managed to negotiate firmly in stressful situations whilst navigating smoothly when needed, which are all positive characteristics I appreciate.

Clearwater has added great value to us in the process – thank you.”

Westleigh deal

“We hired Clearwater after meeting a number of potential advisors just over 3 years before we actually completed our transaction. The strategic review the team led for us provided a clear direction for the business, and the key milestones we needed to reach to achieve our goals. Via attendance at quarterly board meetings they managed our transaction agenda and continued to input into our strategy. When it came to executing the deal Clearwater mobilised a diverse multi skilled team so that private equity, debt options and wider strategic choices could be benchmarked concurrently. I think what sets them apart is that they provide advice with a confidence borne from many hundreds of transactions; inspiring you to stretch your business and go a yard beyond what you might otherwise achieve.”

TXM Plant deal

“It’s been great working with Clearwater and having their guidance and expertise throughout the process. Clearwater added significant value through arranging an attractive, well-structured financing package to help fund the investment, and in helping us to assess our likely exit options through a commercially focused exit review. The team undoubtedly has extensive knowledge of current debt markets as well as valuable M&A experience in the specialist plant hire sector.”

Babington Group deal

“The experience that Clearwater International brought to the table was invaluable as was their guidance through the process. We felt very confident in the teams dedicated approach and we are delighted with the outcome achieved. The investment from RJD will help us further strengthen our position within the apprenticeship and vocational training market and grow the business further.”

Reverse Logistics deal

“Being able to restructure our financing for a longer period and at strongly reduced interest rates has been very important for us. We are now in a financing structure which fully supports the company’s future development and growth. Clearwater International was able to quickly understand our complex businesses and structures while supporting the refinancing process in a highly efficient and target oriented way. The ability to achieve a successful transaction under a very tight timeline reflects their abilities and market understanding.”

Direct Healthcare deal

“It has been a pleasure working with the Clearwater team and we’re delighted with the result. Clearwater provided invaluable advice, along with in-depth sector knowledge in supporting our first investment in healthcare.”

Exerp deal

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. With Clearwater, we’ve not only had a fantastic crash course in corporate finance from highly skilled and hardworking professionals, but we’ve also enjoyed working with friendly, passionate, and trustworthy people. We’ve greatly benefited from the sparring on the company’s financials and business plan. All in all, Clearwater’s team managed the entire process very well, and certainly helped us make a great deal for all stakeholders.”

IGF deal

“Clearwater provided a professional and pragmatic approach during what was at times a difficult process. It was invaluable to be able to speak to and gain advice from an informed and experienced team. Their strong knowledge of the market and personal approach was very well received. I’d be happy to work with them again and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Clearwater in the future.”

Jourdan deal

“I’m very grateful for the assistance and expertise from the Clearwater team. I received a personal service and built up a good relationship. Clearwater’s credible knowledge and experience ensured we understood what was happening every step of the way and enabled us to achieve a great result. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and would definitely recommend their services.”

Espion deal

“We are delighted to become part of BSI whose reputation for excellence complements our own high standards. The team at Clearwater were an integral part of the last 18 intensive months of negotiations, beginning with the initial sale of the Espion Technology Distribution business to Exertis and the subsequent sale of Espion to BSI. Their guidance and support throughout both sets of negotiations was central to successful transaction outcomes for all parties.”

Day Lewis deal

“We are delighted with the funding package that we have secured which will allow us to continue expanding the Day Lewis pharmacy network towards our five year target of 400 pharmacies within the UK. Current market dynamics create a number of opportunities for Day Lewis and with the help of our funding partners we look forward to an exciting period of growth ahead. Clearwater International has been excellent throughout the process and we would recommend the debt advisory team to anybody looking to secure funding for their business.”

Taziker Industrial deal

“The team at Clearwater International had been advising us for a number of years and we found their work ethic to be exceptional, gaining intimate knowledge of our business and demonstrating a strong understanding of the market in which we operate. Paul and the team managed an excellent project to deliver a fantastic result for Taziker Industrial. Without any hesitation, we would recommend others in our situation to engage with Clearwater.”

Creator deal

“We were recommended Clearwater to take us to market to seek growth through acquisition. From the very outset, we could not have asked for a better team. Incredibly professional, advisory, intelligent, and skilful throughout the process.
For many who decide to embark on a process to sell your business or merge with another, it is an extremely disruptive and very stressful process, having Clearwater there by our side was superb. The Clearwater team guided, advised, helped us into a state of readiness for going to market, managed an excellent widespread global search process, secured numerous interested parties, managed the entire process through offer stage, through diligence to a successful conclusion. Friendly, professional and personable service. The advice, management, process and detailed personal service was impressive and exemplary from start to finish.”

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company deal

“Thanks to Rob & the team for their assistance and advice over the last few years. The support and dedication we have received has been excellent, at times going beyond the call of duty. The team’s professional and pragmatic approach achieved an impressive result for us and we would happily recommend them.”

HCSS Education deal

“Clearwater International’s TMT team was recommended to us from other transactions they had completed in education software and, having been through this deal, I’d have no hesitation in recommending them too. They brought very credible parties to the table, including Access Technologies of course, and negotiated a deal that is great for both the business and the shareholders. Selling a business is a complex issue and the team at Clearwater helped me navigate my way through the minefield. Their knowledge & understanding of the market and process was invaluable.”

Wax Digital deal

“We worked with Clearwater International for some time in preparing for the secondary MBO of the business. Having built long-term relationships with the deal leaders, we found their work ethic to be exceptional – the team’s experience added a valuable perspective during negotiations, with high-quality input and clear advice at all key stages of the transaction. Carl and his team demonstrated a strong understanding of e-procurement and an excellent knowledge of SaaS technology. They delivered an excellent result for all shareholders, working particularly closely with management and the new investors to ensure that there was a strong fit. We enjoyed working with Clearwater International and we look forward to the opportunities that this new investment brings.”

Maribo Medico deal

“Through dedicated and skilful advice, Clearwater did an excellent job in supporting us in the sale of our business. We experienced high level capabilities in understanding not just for our current business and market situation but also the wishes we had for our company in a new owner structure. We were impressed with the deal team’s ability to keep the sale process on track in highly difficult periods and their ability to ensure maximum value combined with a satisfactory deal structure. Throughout the whole process – and especially in the key moments of the transaction – they were very close at our side. Without any hesitation, we would recommend others in our situation to engage with Clearwater.”

Ideal Shopping deal

“Clearwater International provided high-quality input at every stage of the process, and their experience and calm heads were invaluable in reaching an agreement that all parties were happy with.”

Electranet deal

“The Clearwater team were thinking on their feet throughout our deal. Their relationships with and knowledge of the buyers meant that we completely shifted direction during our exit process and those tactics worked perfectly, delivering a deal very quickly at a price beyond our expectations. Our own performance was also improving throughout the project and Clearwater kept really close to the detail meaning we never missed a trick.”


Playnation deal

“We appointed Clearwater International to advise on the sale of Playnation to Novomatic. This is the second time we’ve appointed Clearwater International, previously ahead of our successful management buyout in 2013, and they were a natural choice. Clearwater International delivered exceptional results; their extensive knowledge and can-do attitude, coupled with attention to detail, facilitated an efficient and smooth process. We were, once again, very impressed and I would not hesitate in recommending Clearwater International.”

York Mailing Group deal

“Clearwater International provided us with invaluable advice and support to ensure the Management Buy-Out progressed smoothly. The team’s impressive in-depth knowledge and expertise helped us to prepare thoroughly and remain focussed on running the business throughout the process from offer through to completion. They very successfully structured and obtained support for an innovative funding structure which really matched the needs of the business and the various stakeholders. We would firmly recommend Clearwater and would not hesitate in working with them in the future.”

Synarbor deal

“Clearwater International did a great job in supporting us through the sale process. They brought their real depth of education recruitment sector knowledge to bear on the transaction, leaving no stone unturned in finding the right buyer to take the business forward on the next stage of its development. Further, the team’s dedication to getting the deal done was unstinting and their negotiation skills came to the fore in delivering a fair deal for the shareholders. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marcus and the team to any businesses looking to transact in this sector.”

adm (Group) Limited deal

“Clearwater International provided us with confidence that we could finance the business via a facility that would give us the flexibility to pursue the exciting opportunities to grow the business’ reach. We already had a strong balance sheet and this funding allows an already innovative business to really move forward with increased confidence. Chris and his team at Clearwater supported us through this exciting change and I would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater International to companies looking for a firm to help support their growth potential.”

Nexxpro deal

“Working with Clearwater International to achieve success on this process was enriching. Rui Miranda and his team supported us throughout the process, providing excellent and creative advice during complex situations. The team showed commitment to getting the deal done in the expected time and achieving a great result for us. We were thoroughly impressed with their expertise and work ethic, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clearwater International to anyone seeking corporate finance advice.”

HL Plastics deal

“Clearwater International did an excellent job in supporting us through the sale of the business. We were impressed by the team’s knowledge of the sector, international reach and thoughtful approach over potential suitors for the business. The team’s expertise, experience and great care in preparing well in advance enabled an accelerated sales process between offer and final completion. In addition, the team’s dedication to getting the deal done and willingness to provide additional assistance allowed management to continue running the business with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations. I would thoroughly recommend the team and Clearwater International to anyone considering a similar process for their own business.”

Staffgroup deal

“We really appreciate Clearwater International’s support and advice throughout the sales process for Staffgroup. The team added significant value, from ensuring the headline price was maintained throughout to negotiating some of the trickier points of the deal. Their perseverance and professionalism allowed us to reach a satisfactory result in just 4 months. We were impressed by their hard work and dedication, and would highly recommend their services.”

Floor Cleaning Machines Ltd deal

“Selling a business is a tough and emotional experience… Having the invaluable benefit of industry-focussed, rational, calm and caring advisors sat alongside you truly makes all the difference – for me, it proved to be fundamental.

There is a point when you and your Advisors will instinctively know that this is the right Buyer and the right deal. This is where Paul Jones and his fabulous team really put the pedal to the gas and upped the ante to ensure maximum value and the best structure… their work rate and attention to detail continued to be nothing short of outstanding and massively reassuring.

One of the great benefits is that you can’t lose: in the unlikely event of Clearwater not seeing you through to, and past, completion – they’ll have still got your business and its financial affairs in the finest of order. If you think it already is then, respectfully, you’re wrong!”

SkyBrands deal

“Having worked with Clearwater International on a previous transaction, it made sense to seek the team’s expertise once again in order to complete this deal. The team was highly attentive, had valuable experience of dealing with PE investors and provided clear, pragmatic advice. We were aware of the key negotiation points, and I knew that Clearwater would be dedicated to supporting and assisting us throughout the process. It was a pleasure to work with them and I would highly recommend Clearwater International as excellent corporate finance advisers.”

Dee Valley Group plc deal

“Clearwater International provided Dee Valley Group plc with valuable technical support and financial market insight for our £30m debt raising. They assisted initially with the strategic approach to take to market and, through efficient process management and funder negotiation, supported the delivery of a great outcome. In tangible terms, the new financing structure has reduced our cost of debt by around 30%. Clearwater International kept us appraised of the process at all stages and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark Taylor and his team to other Large Corporate entities.”

TC Group deal

“Clearwater International was assigned to run a full global sales process on TC Group, including financial as well as industrial sponsors. TC is a global business in the audio industry, operating within 4 verticals, using a number of different respected brands. Clearwater quickly managed to understand the complexity of the business and the industry, which was critical to us. Clearwater International facilitated an efficient and well managed process and the outcome surely exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending Clearwater International. They are on one hand easy to work with, but can also be very firm – when needed – in order to reach the right result.”

Partner in Pet Food deal

“Having worked with Clearwater on the original MBO of PPF four years ago, Phil and his team were a natural choice to support management once again. Whilst we were familiar with the likely key points of negotiation with PE investors, I knew Clearwater would add a valuable perspective and be at our side at all key moments of the transaction. They are attentive, have deep market knowledge and deliver their advice with real clarity. And all that adds up to making them a pleasure to work with!”

Away Resorts deal

“We are delighted to have agreed the secondary MBO of the business with the support of LDC, which also provided a successful exit for our original investors. Clearwater International provided invaluable advice to the shareholders, displaying in-depth knowledge of the holiday parks market and an understanding of funders’ appetite for the sector as well as delivering pragmatic solutions.”

Defaqto deal

“We were really impressed with the support provided by Clearwater International in order to successfully raise the debt for this transaction. The team’s knowledge of the debt markets and negotiation skills were key to putting the banking in place. Thanks very much for all your hard work which allowed the business to secure a very attractive debt package within a tight timeframe.”

Clio Online deal

“After careful consideration, we chose Clearwater International as our financial adviser due to their strong M&A advisory track record within the SaaS industry. During the process, Clearwater International proved to be the perfect partner for us as they quickly managed to gain an overview of our company and the industry, as well as buyer traction from large players in both North America and Europe. We would like to compliment the deal team on their project management capabilities and perseverance, as the process turned out to be lengthy and on several occasions needed a steady and experienced hand in order to steer he process in the right direction. In the end, Clio Online was sold to our preferred partner (Sweden-based Bonnier) for an amount which significantly exceeded our expectations going into the process.”

Learning Curve deal

“Clearwater International provided invaluable advice and support on a deal that was incredibly important to Learning Curve Group. From the outset, the team showed excellent knowledge of the sector we work in and was proactive in putting forward ideas to develop our business. That has not ceased, even after completion. The introduction of MML as investment partner was ideal as their extensive experience flexible approach and strong partnership ethos will enable our senior management team to retain operational freedom while giving us the support to achieve our growth objectives. This partnership will cement our reputation as a leader in the field of vocational training for many years to come. I would highly recommend Clearwater International as excellent corporate finance advisers.”

Ovivo deal

“Having developed the opportunity for a management buyout, we selected Clearwater International as the right partner to provide professional advice and support to the management team. From the initial close support from Phil Burns in assisting and leading negotiation of heads of terms for the deal, through working closely with Mark Gillingham and Rob Britton in the detailed financial modelling of the business to engage lenders and resolve their challenges to our business plan, to final negotiation in order to close the deal, Clearwater International was able to field a highly-experienced team who were dedicated to completing the buyout within a tight timescale. The expertise, pragmatism and care shown by the team achieved a great result for us and we would not hesitate to recommend Clearwater International as excellent corporate finance advisers.”

Countrywide Supplies deal

“It was great to work with Clearwater International on the sale of our business. Karen and the team supported us throughout the process, providing excellent and balanced advice during complex negotiations. They showed real commitment to getting the deal done, achieving a great result for us.”

Waterfall Services deal

“Clearwater International’s extensive knowledge and experience of the business sector made them an excellent choice for advising us through this secondary MBO. Their partner-led approach gave us a blend of support to help us with various complexities of the deal, involving a very diverse group of stakeholders, to get the best outcome for all of us. The team’s commitment and ownership in delivering the deal enabled the process to run as smoothly as possible and we would be happy to recommend them.”

Nurse Plus deal

“Many thanks to Clearwater International for their dedicated and timely support on this deal. Marcus, Karen and the team provided excellent advice and worked very hard to help us complete the secondary buyout: they managed key transactional issues and showed great commitment to getting the deal done. I look forward to working with Clearwater International again in the future.”

Hobs Reprographics deal

“I have been delighted to work with Clearwater International over the course of the project. Through their hard work and knowledge of the market, they have been able to structure a deal which meets the disparate requirements of myself, as a shareholder looking to realise a life-time’s work, and my management team, who are the future of the business, as well as ensuring the necessary capital to move the business forward in order to take advantage of its many growth opportunities. The development of a trusting relationship borne out of months of discussion prior to engaging Clearwater to structure a deal that worked for my company, the team and my family led to a productive and supportive working relationship. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater International.”

Character World deal

“The Clearwater International team demonstrated a strong understanding of consumer markets and an excellent understanding of the licensing world. They delivered a genuinely partner-led approach but we were equally impressed by the quality of the individuals throughout their team. We enjoyed working with the team, who delivered an excellent result for all shareholders, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Kirona Solutions deal

“Clearwater International added significant value to the process by arranging a bespoke financing package, in a tight timeframe, to support the deal. Mark and the team helped us considerably with negotiation, project management and debt raising to identify the right level of funds to be raised, the best providers and the most appropriate deal.”

Business Collaborator deal

“I’ve now completed nine software deals with Clearwater International, including a complicated carve-out from another global ERP software company – Sage – last year. So when it came to the opportunity to undertake this buyout of Business Collaborator from UNIT4 BV, Clearwater International was a very easy choice to make it happen.”

Total Access deal

“We first met Clearwater International in 2011, when they offered advice on preparing the business for sale. Following a successful planned growth and development strategy over the next three years, we decided to appoint Clearwater International to advise us on the sale based on the quality of their knowledge and extensive experience in industrial M&A transactions.

The team provided excellent support throughout the process, with pragmatic solutions and expertise that secured an excellent outcome for us. Rob and Mark worked incredibly hard to help us with negotiating the sale and I would highly recommend their services.”

Pentagon Chemicals deal

“We have worked with Clearwater for several years, first as Board advisers and ultimately as our corporate finance advisers when we decided to sell the business. We have always been impressed with the in-depth knowledge they hold within the international chemicals market. This, allied with their experience in corporate finance and M&A, meant they were able to navigate us successfully to the sale of Pentagon. Furthermore, they were able to find a buyer willing to support the team and the future of the two sites whilst allowing myself to exit the business to pursue other interests. Our relationship has always been about trust and support. They were never afraid to give us tough advice and always had the best interest of myself and my fellow shareholders at heart throughout our relationship. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering a similar process for their company.”

Burnt Tree deal

“Clearwater International performed excellently in advising us with the sale of Burnt Tree. Paul and the team provided outstanding support and advice, successfully guiding us through various twists and turns in the deal. This was a complex process, with additional challenges as a result of being a cross-border transaction, and was handled with a great degree of expertise and care. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater International to anyone seeking corporate finance advice.”

Signature Outdoor deal

“The Clearwater International team offered expert advice and considerable support throughout the deal, enabling us to overcome some complex transactional issues. They were committed to getting the deal over the line within a pressurised time frame and achieved a great result for us. We would have no hesitation in working with Clearwater International”

Gymbox deal

“Clearwater International did a great job in securing funding for the expansion of Gymbox, managing negotiations and supporting management to complete the deal in just 8 weeks. Marcus and his team were clearly committed to achieving a great result for us – I would not hesitate to work with Clearwater International again in future.”

Prism Medical deal

“We first met Clearwater in 2005 as they advised us on a major acquisition of a competitor. In early 2013 we began to consider the divestiture of our UK holdings and again consulted Clearwater, retaining Paul Newell and his team to evaluate our situation, recommend a course of action and expedite any resulting process. They provided high calibre advice and exhibited a relentless drive to get things done. More than anything, what impressed me was the ability of Paul Newell to bring buyer and seller together – it’s an art which he has mastered. I can recommend Clearwater as accomplished deal makers, classic investment advisors and people of high ethical standards who work for much more than just the fees.”

Door-Stop International deal

“The process was smooth and well orchestrated from the word go. From the identification of potential buyers, the assistance with presentations right through to a very satisfactory completion for all parties concerned.

Five months from instruction to finish was most impressive.

Clearwater has the expertise and the experience to provide an excellent service in all aspects of M & A transactions.

In particular, I was happy to have Phil Burns and Rob Britton in my team. They are comfortable guys to work with and bring both knowledge and pragmatism to the table.”

Kitchen Craft deal

“We were really pleased with our choice of Clearwater as our adviser to help us sell our business. Our family had owned the business for over 164 years and it was vital that we had an adviser who appreciated our desire for the business to be left in good hands while also ensuring that the price was a true reward for the family.

The team at Clearwater worked tirelessly to ensure that our objectives were met and we were delighted at the advice and service we received. We would recommend Clearwater to anyone looking to exit their business – their clarity of thinking and ability to see a clear way forward through highly complex issues was invaluable and apparent at all stages in the process.”

Kafevend deal

“Marcus and his team did a great job in helping us successfully manage the exit of Kafevend. This was a fairly complex process – selling to an international trade buyer – and was handled with the required skill and care.

It was evident throughout the process that the Clearwater commitment to partner-led work was genuine. Many thanks for all your help!”

Empire World Trade 2014 deal

“Having advised us on our original MBO in 1997 and the subsequent investment by Livingbridge, Clearwater were the natural choice as advisors to us for this transaction – particularly given the likely international flavour of the deal. They continue to deliver hands on, senior level input to the transaction with an excellent level of attention to the detail.”

Optos deal

“Clearwater’s Debt Advisory team were engaged to introduce alternative structures and providers of finance to the refinance process that would fit the continued international strategy of Optos plc. This was provided through their extensive network and knowledge of global debt markets.

The Debt Advisory team was led by Mark Taylor, who introduced a new approach and remained actively engaged throughout the whole process. I will look to use Clearwater again in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other companies.”

CSC 2013 deal

“Clearwater has been with us throughout our journey from a small software business through a private equity refinancing, our overseas development and finally our successful sale to a large US acquirer.

They have always gone the extra mile and really understood the nuances of our niche market. When it comes to deals, they grasp complex issues quickly and act with real tenacity. I hope we get opportunities to work together in the future.”

TLG Brands deal

“The ABL loan will enable TLG Brands to realise our international expansion objectives. Clearwater’s expert advice on structuring, their ability to guide us through some complicated processes and their inclusive approach were fundamental to completing the deal.

We were thoroughly impressed with their work and wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

ChargePoint deal

“This investment opportunity is a great boost to ChargePoint, allowing our potential for growth and improvement to be realised.

It was a pleasure to work with the team at Clearwater, whose impressive knowledge of the global valve market and all-round project management skills were instrumental in securing the development capital.

Their professionalism and help is much appreciated.”

Kindertons deal

“We found Clearwater’s knowledge of the insurance sector, resulting from numerous previous transactions completed in the insurance supply chain, to be very strong and highly beneficial to us during the course of this transaction.

Paul, Mark and the team helped us considerably with negotiation, project management and debt raising to enable us to complete our investment successfully.”

mi Technology deal

“We appointed Clearwater to handle the sale of our business due to their understanding of the automotive and related sectors, extensive experience of selling businesses to overseas buyers and their can-do attitude which were all invaluable during the course of this transaction.

I would highly recommend Clearwater to anyone seeking corporate finance advice.”

Excelsior Technologies deal

“We are delighted to have agreed the £13m refinancing of Excelsior Technologies and to have established a new partnership with The Royal Bank of Scotland. As part of the refinancing, we were seeking to attract a new funding partner that could support our UK operations, as well as the development of our growth opportunities in North Carolina, USA.

Through their extensive network and knowledge of debt advisory markets, Clearwater introduced RBS to us and coordinated an Asset Backed facility that fitted the funding requirements and growth strategy of the business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clearwater to other companies and will look to use Clearwater again in the future.”

Eque2 deal

“In order to maximise the potential of Eque2 it was key we secured both continuity of management and continued investment in product development. To do this management needed to find a partner who understood the sector and had a track record in backing management teams in this space.

Clearwater’s understanding of our business ensured they were able to run a tailored, well managed and successful process that has ensured management are partnered with an investor who is completely aligned with management in delivering the potential of Eque2.”

Park Resorts deal

“We are delighted to have completed the refinancing of the business. During the process, Clearwater provided invaluable advice to us on both structuring and then negotiating what was a complicated and unique deal with a large number of stakeholders.”

Armstrong Craven deal

“From the outset, Clearwater believed in the opportunity that an MBO of Armstrong Craven offered and remained dedicated to helping the management team get the deal away.

Mike and Chiara worked incredibly hard under a pressurised time frame and supported management throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater to anyone seeking private equity funding or indeed, any other form of corporate finance advice.”

Rivo deal

“We benefitted from working with sector specialists from Clearwater’s TMT team at an early stage, who quickly understood the strength of the investment proposition and patiently helped prepare the business as it built the required scale prior to marketing.

The same three members of the Clearwater team were involved throughout, which supported a strong, productive relationship. Clearwater’s international reach and TMT connections helped us to identify a long-list of potential suitors and ultimately refine it to a manageable pool of investors with real strategic appetite.

When it came to the crunch of marketing and negotiating a transaction, Clearwater helped stimulate and manage genuine competitive tension which helped us achieve a great result for shareholders, whilst supporting management’s ambitions. This deal involved the careful management of various stakeholders with potentially conflicting interests. Despite the inevitable complexities, Clearwater helped keep all parties on track and focussed on completing the deal in a tight timetable from signing heads of terms.

We greatly appreciate Clearwater’s support and professionalism and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other people in our position.”

Playnation deal

“Clearwater were instrumental in negotiating the deal and securing the required debt and equity finance package.

The team provided calm counsel throughout a very involved negotiation. They went above and beyond, always managing to find solutions to the challenges that arose along the way. They demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience and were a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any management team embarking on an MBO.”