Tano FoodCon Group sold to Alectia

Clearwater Advisor

Tano FoodCon Group consists of the Danish companies Tano Food Consult and Dan Know-how, and the Norwegian company FoodCon. Tano FoodCon Group provides qualified and professional expert technical consulting services to the food industry. The group employs 23 in total. The eight former owners continue their work in the group under the new ownership.

Alectia is one of Denmark’s leading consulting services companies with customers within construction, pharmaceutical, brewing, hospitals, dairies, water supply, and work environment both nationally and internationally.

Alectia employs 745 employees in Denmark and has a large group workers stationed abroad. Alectia has previously bought Danbrew (2005), Dansk Arbejdsmiljø (2006), JobLiv Danmark (2007), Watertech (2007) and MA Project (2007). The purchases have been executed as part of the company’s strategy to grow and expand.