Printca Denmark sold to UK Graphic plc

Printca Denmark is a leading manufacturer of advanced rigid-flex and multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB), primarily for space, military and aerospace clients.

Printca, which has been owned by GPV Electronic since 2003, was sold to a group of investors in 2010 which declared the company for bankruptcy in early 2012. The liquidator in the bankruptcy estate immediately established a new entity with operations – Printca Denmark A/S with financial backup from Spar Nord Bank A/S – to maintain and carry forward the healthy parts of the business, and with the purpose of finding a new industrial owner for Printca as quickly as possible.

Clearwater International initiated the sales process with the identification of the potential international buyers, who were contacted in a structured process, where the identified potential buyers were invited to submit an offer for the company.

Graphic plc is active in the same industry with factories in UK and China, and with the acquisition of Printca, Graphic achieves access for a number of attractive approvals and certifications within specific client segments, and is now the company in the world with the most extensive list of production approvals and certification for PCB production.The Graphic group has more than 600 employees with revenue of more than 45 mUSD. The current CEO Jan Nielsen, Printca Denmark, will continue in the company with the rest of the management group and the 45 employees.