Pleje & Omsorg sold to ActivCare, a subsidiary in the Falck Healthcare Group

Clearwater Advisor

Susanne Jørgensen, founder and former owner of Pleje & Omsorg has decided to sell the company to ActivCare a subsidiary in the Falck Healthcare Group. Pleje & Omsorg is a temporary staffing agency, which primary focus is handling the personal care responsibilities within the health sector primarily in Jutland and on Funen.

Pleje & Omsorg has a turnover of approx. 180 mDKK and earnings (EBITDA) of approx. 8-9 mDKK. The company has assigned more than 2,700 nurses, SOSU assistants, nursing home assistants and other health professionals as well as other temporary staff within the pedagogue area.

With the sale to ActivCare the company is strengthened as it becomes an integral part of a company with a strong setup regarding the administrative as well as economic focus. Falck is also a company with great experience and considerable skills in integrating acquired companies and business units. Prior to initiating the sales process several actions with regards to optimizing the value of Pleje & Omsorg was completed.

ActivCare is an independent company in the Falck Group. Since 1994 the company has facilitated trained health personnel to public and private hospitals, nursing homes, institutions, corporations and similar fields of social and health sectors in Denmark, Greenland, Norway and Sweden.