Foreman Roberts completes MBO with backing from NVM Private Equity and HSBC Bank

Clearwater Advisor

Press Release

Clearwater International gives Foreman Roberts’ management team the autonomy to build on its considerable success to date having negotiated funding to fuel its expansion both in the UK and overseas.

With high profile clients such as Wimbledon, Wembley, Olympics and on other prestige projects such as Heron Tower, soon to be London’s tallest skyscraper, Foreman Roberts continues to be a leading independent building services consultancy providing design and advisory primarily to the office, technology, retail and education sectors. Foreman Roberts has headquarters in London and offices in Manchester, Oxford and the Isle of Man. Demand for sustainable construction techniques and new building standards are driving demand for its building consultancy services.

Clearwater International advised the vendor, Barry Shaw, on the management buy-out of the business backed by NVM Private Equity Limited and HSBC Bank. Whilst Barry Shaw will continue in an advisory role, new non-executive chairman Clive Williams has been appointed whose former executive roles have included managing partner of Ernst & Young and CEO of Capgemini UK.

“Without Clearwater International this deal may well have not happened. They managed a difficult process well and the price achieved was significantly beyond my expectations”

Barry Shaw, Owner, Foreman Roberts