ECB Kød sold to Hørkram Foodservice (CITTI)

Clearwater Advisor

Hørkram Foodservice, a Danish supplier of food to professional caterers, has acquired the shares in the Copenhagen based abattoir and wholesale company ECB Kød. ECB, like Hørkram, is a family business. A mutual respect for the culture of the two companies has been a major factor in the decision to collaborate.

Synergies in procurement and know-how will create a strong foundation for growth for both ECB and Hørkram. The customer bases of two companies are complementary, and Hørkram get by the acquisition a solid foothold in the meat wholesale market in addition to the company’s other foodservice products.

ECB is known for delivering high quality meat for professional kitchens in restaurants, canteens, nursing homes and hospitals. The company, primarily serving the Copenhagen area, has a turnover of approx. 140 million DKK and employs approx. 50 employees. Hørkram is owned by the family-owned CITTI, which is the largest catering wholesaler in Germany.