Clearwater International advises on MBO for Delta Dailyfood (UK) Ltd

Clearwater Advisor

Delta Dailyfood (UK) Limited, a leading European manufacturer and supplier of innovative frozen meals to airlines, retailers and the food service sector has undergone a Management Buy-Out from the Netherlands-based Cebeco Group. The MBO will enable Delta, which had a £8 million turnover in 2001 and is forecasting over £15 million this year, to secure and grow its existing business by enlarging its range of products and introducing new concepts (e.g. frozen and chilled snacks). It will also be able to capitalise on the drive for airline frozen meals and the opportunities in the food service sector together with enhancing their nominated preferred supplier status with the NHS.

“The MBO team have many opportunities ahead of them and are well experienced and respected in the industry. Their growth will derive from charter flights, which are more resilient to a downturn, introducing frozen meals to the low cost airlines and the move into the ever growing frozen ‘ready meals’ market by the major supermarkets and the public sector.”

Michael Reeves, CEO, Clearwater International