Bilwinco acquired by Bilwinco Holding (Shamrock Holding, LA Management, Industri Udvikling)

Bilwinco, owned by Dico, Industri Udvikling and employees of Bilwinco, has been acquired by Bilwinco Holding, owned by LA Management, the management and staff at Bilwinco, Shamrock Holding and Industri Udvikling.

Bilwinco has delivered weight and packaging systems for the food industry since 1955. Bilwinco operates in more than 80 countries and have the knowledge to handle all kinds of food: Clean, fresh, frozen, brittle and wet. The main markets are in the UK, Ireland, France and the U.S. and with an export share of 90% Bilwinco keeps an eye on new market opportunities including developments in the new EU countries in Eastern Europe.

The company has its own sales companies in the United States and service centers in Sweden, Germany, France and England. Sales are made through agents and distributors