Advanced Childcare secures substantial funding for expansion

Clearwater Advisor

Press Release

Manchester-based Advanced Childcare Ltd, the leading supplier of care and education to children and young adults with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, today announced that it has raised substantial funding to enable it to accelerate the successful expansion of its business.

Advised by the Manchester office of Clearwater International, Advanced Childcare (ACL) was nominated for one of the Manchester Evening News Business of the Year Awards in 2002 and runs seven residential homes and two residential schools near to central Manchester.

Established in 1996, ACL currently operates 7 care homes with 39 residential beds and 2 DfES registered schools with 36 educational day places. Last year, the company also opened a new fostering division, Family Placement Services. This month it will open a new Admissions and Assessment unit, extending its service offering within its “Total Care Alliance” philosophy. The company looks after young people with a range of challenging behaviours, in specialist units which cater for different levels of acuity.

The business has grown rapidly due to the increased demand for high quality private facilities from Local Authorities, and is now planning to expand its presence in the North West of England as well as other predominantly urban locations. The focus will continue to be on the provision of the highest quality residential and foster care, together with DfES-registered educational services. The management of Advanced Childcare is being supplemented by the addition of Nick Christodoulou, who takes on the role of managing director.

“Advanced Childcare is a highly respected operation here in the North-West. It has grown strongly in recent years and offers an unparalleled range of services, providing care and education to children from primary school age through to semi-independence. Through its Total Care Alliance model ACL provides a range of accommodation options. That which is particularly impressive is the quality of DfES-registered education given to the children. We will be looking to open more schools and homes across new regions in the near future.”

Nick Christodoulou, Managing Director, ACL

“Advanced Childcare is a gem of a business which we recognised as being a market leader here in Greater Manchester. Advanced Childcare is set to accelerate its already impressive growth with the new investment being made available.”

Michael Reeves, CEO, Clearwater International