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I started my day being angry with Apple and myself. Purely due to the fact that I was relying on a prompt wake-up call from my alarm. Sadly my battery had died whilst in slumber, leaving me to wonder why, with all these clever boffins at their fingertips, Apple cannot include a functioning alarm clock on my phone when I am stupid enough not to check if it is sufficiently charged. This led me to reading a story this morning about the ‘iconic’ iPod.

Firstly it reminded me that I need to tidy my house and check the drawers for the three or four iPod’s I own and check how many still possess the headphones (I am sure my girlfriend must secretly eat them) and subsequently check how much I can flog them for on eBay.

Secondly, I was astonished to see that iPod sales still account for nearly $1bn of Apple’s total revenue this quarter. Now I appreciate this pales into insignificance when I hit you with the fact Apple’s total revenues over the quarter topped $57bn and customers spent $10bn on the app store in 2013 downloading a record 3 billion apps in December 13 alone.  Can the next new new Apple product really have this sort of impact?

If I was a betting man, I would take a punt that there is no smoke without fire and as the rumour mill gathers pace for the long awaiting iWatch, so does the logic that it does exist and will be the next must have piece of kit. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, helped not at all hinting that they have the capability and desire to enter new categories where they do not currently participate. Great. But will it quite be the killer product that has singled out Apple over the last decade? When it arrives I’ll make my predictions. Assuming I’m awake.