TMT Blog: Unbelievable Tekkers

As the new football season emerges this week and amidst the trials and tribulations of the transfer market, I spotted an article on how Football Manager, the computer game that simulates the job, is to be used to help real world managers identify and compare footballing talent. It is interesting to see this overlap between the real and virtual continuing to develop.

That overlap or “gamification” has spread to the Googles, Microsofts and L’Oréals of this world to encourage training & loyalty, create incentives, and even improve products and services. For example, Microsoft has created a game called “Ribbon Hero” to train users on their Microsoft Office skills. Marriot developed a game which has been compared to Farmville and The Sims to attract potential new recruits and takes advantage of social media. Amex’s business-travel booking office also used gamification for an employee incentive programme that awarded points and virtual goods through Badgeville’s software platform.

There will surely be more M&A in this area as the winners emerge and some have already got in early – for example, Quindell acquired Himex Inc, the developer of a gamification platform for usage-based insurers, for £23m in February this year. Himex’s website states that their gamification is ‘drastically reducing implementation time’, ‘increasing user engagement’ and ‘driving behavioural change with incentives and rewards’.

It is most definitely an appealing concept, here’s hoping that my job somehow is synced with FIFA 2014 or Call of Duty.