TMT Blog: To stream or not to stream… that is the question


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As the battle of the video streaming market intensifies, I’m eagerly sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out which global corporate that really doesn’t need any more cash to back with my hard-earned pennies.

With Amazon recently throwing its rather large hat into the ring, as well as paying a whopping fee (around €220m) to sign up 3 middle aged men who like chatting about cars, we the consumers are finding ourselves with more and more choice on both supplier and format.

And word is there could be more to come. According to Variety, whilst Amazon were up against the obvious candidates in Sky and Netflix in the battle for Top Gear, Apple also submitted an “unprecedented bid”. Clarkson must be loving this. The key to success for all of these providers is bagging a hit – think House of Cards for Netflix – hence the intensity of the bidding war for Top Gear which, unlike most of the series that will be on offer, already has an immense following worldwide and will drag customers with it.

Not that that should deter Apple: as the Daily Telegraph points out, $160bn in the bank should buy you a reasonable amount of content – and sources also told Variety that Apple has been in talks with some Hollywood execs to “suss out their interest in spearheading efforts to produce entertainment content”.

I’m sitting here ready and waiting for the next episode.