TMT Blog: The Apple Watch – Perfect Timing?


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Apple have finally unleashed their Apple Watch for pre-order (notice how Apple is now so mainstream that it does not need to rely on the famous ‘i’ prefix anymore) to the general public. So, what is the general consensus now that the Apple Watch is out in the public – is this the next life-changing device and will it make us all more efficient in our day? Well, the answer seems to be “no, not really” – but the device has its merits and therefore initial sales will be strong and applauded by investors, while the rest of us work out whether we really need a new ‘watch’.

I personally believe that we are very much looking at version 1.0 of the product and the real value will be driven by how App developers use the device (which, as with the iPhone, we all know is a strong point for the Apple eco-system). I do also believe that the Apple Watch will jump start an awareness in the potential of wearable devices and, perhaps more importantly, the collection of health data. Imagine a day when you can have your health vitals monitored constantly and so perhaps mitigate a more serious health incident, all remotely away from the individual. I also believe that the continuing connection between technology and emotion (with touch feedback, for example) is an interesting trend.

Whether the Apple Watch is a successful product post the late Steve Jobs remains to be seen, but it is clear that wearables is a fast-emerging technological product – one that will also create a wider eco-system of opportunity for other industries and this is perhaps the single reason why the Apple Watch needs to be taken seriously. Oh, and apparently it also tells the time…