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Well, it’s been a momentous week or two in the US. Hot on the heels of the election, this week has seen the announcement of one of the most significant tech IPOs since Facebook. At least it is to my 16 year old daughter. She has sent 56,000 Snapchats in the last year or so and received about as many back. Yes, this has the right number of zeroes, I checked.

On the other hand, I’m creeping towards 50, and whilst I consider myself young-at-heart and tech savvy, I sort of don’t get Snapchat, and despite having the app have sent a grand total of 3 in the last year. Yes, 3. There are no zeroes.

But that’s the whole point. I don’t have a need for dog features, antlers or the ability to vomit a rainbow. To my daughter that is evidentially important. She’s moving into a demographic that marketeers salivate over. I’m heading for one dominated by cardigans, pipes and slippers.

Is Snapchat ever going to attract a broader demographic? Could even Donald benefit from the app? Maybe we’d all be better off if some of the truly astonishing comments made during this remarkable period of American politics were as fleeting as a Snapchat message.