TMT Blog: Sage



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As well as a tasty herb, “Sage” means a profoundly wise person. Hopefully that is what our stalwart of the UK tech industry will get as its new CEO following Guy Berruyer’s announcement that he is retiring as CEO. We’ve done a couple of deals with Sage over the years, both times benefitting from a change of strategy. I don’t necessarily expect the degree of strategy change that we saw following the start of Mr Berruyer’s tenure, but I hope we see a big acceleration of the current one. Sage has been too slow pushing its core SME accounting software products into the cloud. ERP is not an easy shift into a  SaaS model (and I don’t count hosted ERP as true SaaS), but surely the low hanging fruit in this arena is at the SME end where Sage has dominated over the years? A number of upstarts are already threatening but if Sage gets a real go-getter at the helm then there’s still time to hold on to their throne.