TMT Blog: Rio 2016 – advances in technology

It’s fair to say in sport v tech, tech probably edges it for me. Whether that’s self–endangerment apps like Ski Tracks or Strava that clock your speed on skis or bikes, my ubiquitous GoPro that annoyingly proves how small that jump really was, or my dive computer with clever data analytics that give me longer underwater with big things that could eat you, I love it all.

So whilst the time difference is making Rio feel as distant as it actually is, seeing the advances in tech is truly riveting stuff. At least for me.

First we’re seeing big advances in tech for training athletes. These include the Hykso wearable device which measures how many shades a boxer is knocking out of their sparring partner, iBoxer, delivering fighter data analytics, SAP’s tide and wind analyser for sailing, Solus glasses delivering real time head–up displays for cyclists and a host of others.

Second, on the broadcast side we’ve got drone technology getting otherwise impossible angles, 360 degree footage from Samsung and 8k super HD from NHK in Japan (though my eyes have got to the point where I can barely tell 1080 (c. cretaceous period) from 4k anyway).

And thirdly we have some cool payment technologies, not least of which is the Visa ring that many of the athletes are using as NFC (near-field communications) payment devices.

I can’t wait to follow this up in 4 years to see what Tokyo brings.