TMT Blog: Google, now buy Sonos!!


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For those that know me, I am a gadget freak. Santa got me a GoPro this Christmas which has made me very giddy, but nothing compares to my all time favourite consumer technology, Sonos. This distributes music from your own collection, via streaming services such as Spotify and digital radio from the internet around your house. I have it in just about every room in my house, my garden and even my garage. All controlled from smart phones and tablets.

I have long thought that Apple or Google should buy Sonos so it was really interesting to see that Google just acquired very similar functionality for the ‘smart home’ in its $3.2bn acquisition of Nest. Although the price looks staggering, the market potential is immense. And with the trends on energy prices it has much better ROI than my Sonos too. Now if only it could de-install the Aga and make my kids switch the lights off it might just make my new #1 at some point.