TMT Blog: Facebook introduces Workplace


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A new office version of the social network, called Workplace by Facebook, became widely available this week.

The network has a remit of helping employees collaborate with each another on products and ideas, listen to their managers speak on Facebook Live and post updates on their work in the News Feed.

Employers will be charged $3 per employee for the first 1,000 monthly active users, $2 a head from 1,001 to 10,000 users and $1 per worker beyond that, Facebook said in a statement.

The product will provide Facebook with a new stream of revenue, to supplement advertising on its free social network. Workplace is designed to compete with services from Salesforce and Microsoft to provide a controlled setting online for collaborative conversations in the workplace. For example, Microsoft is in the process of acquiring LinkedIn Corp for a reported $26bn to add social elements to its business tools.

Facebook said in a blog post “The new global and mobile workplace isn’t about closed-door meetings or keeping people separated by title, department or geography, organisations are stronger and more productive when everyone comes together.”

Facebook already has 1,000 organisations using Workplace, including, Starbucks and Oxfam it said in the blog and added that “with Workplace, organisations are getting more done, making decisions faster and empowering employees with information.”

Workplace – coming soon to an office near you!