TMT Blog: Cloudy with a strong chance of M&A…



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As the summer comes to an end and we continue to enjoy the buoyant M&A market in the tech sector, our French colleagues have been busy advising on the sale of software developer Corobor Systems to US buyer Campbell Scientific. Corobor is a leading provider of Meteorological and Aviation IT solutions, with presence in over 130 countries which will “perfectly compliment” the sensor and data management products that Campbell already offer according to Steve Severn, MD of Campbell UK. This is yet another example of Clearwater International’s cross-border capability within the software space and while the autumnal nights start to close in, we forecast more of the same with gusts of appetite blowing into Europe from the west and picking up quality assets along the way.

I know it’s a common theme of our good friends at TechMarketView, but wouldn’t it be nice to see more of our innovative software companies get much bigger before they got picked off?