TMT Blog: Cloudex 20:20 – The Scores are In


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After months of gathering in applications today was the today that the Cloudex 20:20 panel sat down to judge the good and the great of the UK cloud technology scene.

The panel, consisting of myself, Melissa Di Donato of, Keith Davidson of Scottish Equity Partners and Lee Prout from Megabuyte, were hugely impressed with the level of innovation out there in the UK today. The purpose of the programme is to find the top 20 independently owned Cloud technology businesses in the country and it’s fair to say that the future looks bright.

I can’t give too much of the detail away at this point as we will be announcing the winners at our Cloudex event on 15th October but I think there were a number of themes emerging in the top rated businesses that really stood out:

  • The businesses that most impressed were those that are utilising cloud technologies to emerge as true disrupters in their market. Of particular note were those that have managed to shake up industries which have traditionally been highly cautious in their adoption of new technologies.
  • As in previous years, the businesses that began with a cloud model fared best but the panel also paid particular note to those businesses with a longer heritage that have successfully made the switch – not an easy feat by any means.
  • The panel also rightly paid a lot of attention to how these businesses are serving their customers. What do retention rates look like, how international is the business and how does providing the technology on a cloud model make life better for its customer base? Those that could demonstrate fantastic reach, negligible churn and, quite frequently, a good ROI message, were the top performers.

All in all it was, once again, a fantastically interesting process and one that it is a pleasure to be a part of. Can’t wait to announce this year’s winners!