TMT Blog: A-A-A-S


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It’s easy to lose sight sometimes of the little foibles that your sector has (incidentally, after seeing Lee Mack last night I will forever think of foibles as something a New York cat gets). With 135 people in 5 countries, Clearwater International covers most sectors with specialists and my non-TMT colleagues are always keen to tease us about our love of acronyms.

We, of course, replaced ASP with SaaS – which in turn spawned IaaS, PaaS, BPaaS and a myriad of other aaSs. Given such popularity, we are delighted to launch our new business line, Acronyms-as-a-Service or “AaaS”, whereby our readers can let us know of their acronym needs and CWI can come up with something appropriately erudite. Apply within.