Time to nominate your CEOS for the BVCA CEO Awards 2009 supported by Clearwater Corporate Finance


Nominations are now open for the BVCA CEO Awards 2009, the first industry awards event dedicated to demonstrating the contribution private equity and venture capital makes to businesses. Simon Walker, CEO, BVCA, invites you to nominate your CEOs now.

The awards will be run nationwide and the BVCA will host the following six regional heats with the final event taking place in London in October 09:

Scotland & Northern Ireland

Nomination deadline of 13 February 09, Glasgow dinner on 26 March 09


Nomination deadline of 6 March 09, Leeds dinner 2 April 09

Southwest inc.Wales

Nomination deadline of 3 April 09, Bristol dinner 14 May 09


Nomination deadline 1 May 09, Birmingham dinner 4 June 09

Southeast inc. London & Channel Islands

Nomination deadline 15 May 09, Southeast dinner 18 June 09


Nomination deadline 12 August 09, Manchester dinner 17 September 09


The regional heats taking place will include the following five categories:

1.PE CEO of the Year

2.VC CEO of the Year

3.Best Investment/Exit

4.Best Corporate Responsibility

5.Best International Impact

The final national awards will include the following three additional awards:

1.CEO of the Year – Hall of Fame

2.Best Newcomer

3.Major impact on an industry CEO

CEOs will be judged on their performance and the performance of their company/companiesfrom 1 January 08 to 31 December 08.

Following the nomination process, Manchester Business School will compile a shortlist of 3 CEOs per category per region. A panel of independent judges will be dedicated to deciding the winners of the awards for each region. The judging panels will include senior private equity professionals, CBI leaders, representatives of Dow Jones, pre-eminent CEOs and advisers.

I do hope you will find time to support this important initiative. It will play a key role in positioning Private Equity as a “force for good” and aid the overall objective of bringing transparency and openness to the way they do business.

Nominate your CEOs now.