In the wake of major change in the global financial markets, a carefully and appropriately structured debt package is essential to underpin the growth strategy of your business.

Clearwater International’s experienced debt advisory team ensure that clients looking to raise substantial amounts of new debt capital, or refinance existing facilities, have access to sophisticated and specialised debt packages available on international markets.

Our team uses its extensive knowledge of these markets to review all options for your business, and can advise you on the most suitable funding structure. We offer assistance throughout the transaction process, from initial feasibility through to successful deal completion.

Our track record means we have built up strong relationships with the key debt providers in this specialised market allowing us to achieve competitive prices and terms, while maintaining an objective and independent approach.

The Debt Advisory team

Michael Reeves talks about the shift in international debt markets, fuelled by excess liquidity in the US and a gap in the UK market.



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