The ageing population and increased demand for healthcare products and services across the globe are creating great opportunities for businesses in the health and social care, medical devices, life sciences, bioscience and pharmaceutical markets. At the same time the delivery of global healthcare is changing fast and creating significant opportunities for private providers.

At Clearwater International we have the knowledge, experience, track record and reach to help companies exploit these growing global opportunities. Given these dynamics it’s a market which remains a rich source of M&A deal flow and corporate activity as private providers take advantage of outsourcing opportunities and investors seek to consolidate market positions. Our sector team works closely with innovative companies who are at the forefront of the healthcare revolution, advising businesses on their strategies for dealing with governments seeking to drive efficiencies and improve patient experiences.


Sector Comments

Healthcare sector comment – May 2017 – Pharma

We are increasingly seeing consolidation within big pharma as the largest players focus on their core services and outsource non-core services. This is a trend that has not gone unnoticed by investors and they have mostly been investing their money … Find out more…

Healthcare Sector Comment – April 2017 – Veterinary Services

People love their pets, that’s a given, but the extent to what they’re spending on keeping their animals happy and healthy is somewhat elusive. Pet companionship is on the rise as more people are using pets to counteract loneliness. Equally, … Find out more…

Healthcare Sector Comment – March 2017 – Veterinary Services

February Sector Comment – Veterinary Services The amount people are spending on keeping their pets happy and healthy is set to grow. There are a number of factors contributing to increase in expenditure: Pet companionship is on the rise as … Find out more…