Market potential

As our tables below show, the market potential is enormous. Initial forecasts back in 2013 of the projected growth of the industry by 2020 have already been met, while the market is set to expand significantly by 2025.

For instance, in 2012 the global lightweight car body market was worth €20.8bn, but this figure is expected to increase to €98.7bn by 2025. The market for aluminium-based car body products alone is expected to rise from just €1.2bn in 2012 to €16.8bn by 2025. All geographic regions will show double digit annual growth rates for lightweight applications until 2025.

The Eastern European market segment is expected to grow particularly strongly, as are the US, Mexican and Chinese markets. All eyes are on the future regulatory environment in China, the world’s largest and fastest growing automotive market. If the regulations prove especially stringent there, this will have a dramatic effect on the lightweight components industry.





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