M&A activity

The EV sector has seen significant M&A activity in the last 12 months and this trend is set to continue as the future potential and growth of the market becomes clearer to investors.

In particular there will be considerable M&A activity both in the supply chain, as suppliers acquire competencies and reposition themselves for the electric future, and among traditional OEMs seeking to acquire more technological know-how in electrification. Another area of activity will also be around securing supplies to the resources needed to power the EV revolution.

Date Target Country Acquirer Comment
03/06/17 Sevcon New Energy Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd. (50% Stake) China Sevcon, Inc. Sevcon, Inc. has agreed to acquire a 50% stake in Sevcon New Energy Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd., a Chinese distributor of on-road electric and hybrid vehicle applications
13/04/17 Fox Automotive Switzerland AG; Magnum Pirex AG Switzerland/Germany Zara Resources Inc. Zara Resources Inc. acquired Fox Automotive Switzerland AG, a manufacturer of electric cars, and Magnum Pirex AG, a manufacturer of fuel cell range extenders for electric cars
10/04/17 Rimac Automobili d.o.o. Croatia Camel Group Chinese battery maker Camel Group signed a framework agreement to invest ¤30m in Rimac Automobili, the Croatian EV components manufacturer
22/03/17 US Hybrid Corporation (10% Stake); US FuelCell Corporation (55% Stake) US Jiangsu Dewei Advanced Materials Co., Ltd US Hybrid Corporation is engaged in the design and manufacturing of integrated power conversion components for electric and hybrid vehicles, US FuelCell Corporation is a fuel cell engine system and part maker
16/03/17 NIO China An investor group led by Baidu, Inc. An investor group led by Baidu, Inc. has acquired an undisclosed stake in NIO, the China-based technology company engaged in electric car development
06/02/17 Power Vehicle Innovation France Renault SA Renault SA has acquired Power Vehicle Innovation (PVI), the France-based electric commercial vehicle, drive chain and drivetrain producer, for an undisclosed consideration
31/01/17 OVALO GmbH Germany Nabtesco Corporation Nabtesco Corporation has acquired OVALO GmbH, a producer of mechatronic systems for automobiles, and electric motors
03/01/17 Proterra, Inc. US Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; General Motors Ventures, LLC; 88 Green Ventures; Constellation Technology Ventures; Tao Capital Partners; Obvious Ventures; Edison Energy, LLC; VentureSouth A number of new and existing investors have acquired an undisclosed stake in Proterra, Inc., a manufacturer of hybrid and battery electric buses
20/12/16 Compact Dynamics GmbH (51% Stake) Germany Schaeffler AG Schaeffler AG has acquired a 51% stake in Compact Dynamics GmbH, a developer of innovative electric power concepts focussing on high performance motors and integrated light weight construction in small series and for motor sport applications
07/12/16 Delta-Q Technologies Corp. Canada Zapi S.p.A. Zapi S.p.A. has acquired Delta-Q Technologies Corp., a Canada-based company that develops and supplies power conversion and power management solutions to vehicle manufacturers
27/10/16 Hofer AG (27% Stake); Hofer Powertrain GmbH (53% Stake) Germany ElringKlinger AG ElringKlinger AG has acquired a 27% stake in Hofer AG and a 53% stake in its subsidiary Hofer Powertrain Products GmbH
18/10/16 Kristronics GmbH Germany Marquardt GmbH Marquardt GmbH has acquired Kristronics GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of electronic and mechatronic systems and modules
28/06/16 UQM Technologies Inc. (57.91% Stake) US American Compass, Inc. American Compass acquired UQM Technologies Inc., a listed US-based manufacturer of electrical motors, generators and hybrid systems for passenger and commercial vehicles
13/06/16 AMK Holding GmbH & Co. KG Germany Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co Ltd Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co Ltd has acquired AMK Holding GmbH & Co. KG, the company engaged in electric drive and control, and industrial automation engineering
05/05/16 NRG EV Services LLC US Vision Ridge Partners LLC Vision Ridge Partners, a US private equity firm, acquired the electric vehicle charging network operator NRG EV Services LLC
18/04/16 Valeo SA (High Voltage Power Electronics Business); Siemens AG (E-Car Powertrain Systems Business Unit) Germany/France Valeo Siemens eAutomotive GmbH Valeo SA and Siemens AG have agreed to form a joint venture for High Voltage Powertrains. Valeo will contribute its high voltage power electronics business, while Siemens will contribute its E-Car Powertrain Systems Business Unit