Advancements in technology have created a dynamic and fast growing e-learning market that is touching virtually all sub-sectors within education. Its proliferation has helped to significantly improve the accessibility of education as well as bring significant benefit to businesses, schools, colleges and universities.

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting e-learning techniques to upskill their workforces. The decision is being driven by the ease with which e-learning products can be rolled out across the workforce and the uniformity it provides, and also by the reduction in cost and the ability to adapt the content to ensure relevance.

For schools, colleges and universities the technology has allowed them to benefit from comprehensive learning management systems and supplement instructor led education with e-learning tools. In Ireland, for example, students of City Colleges and The Institute of Education are provided with greater flexibility due to the innovative use of virtual learning environments, while teaching and learning materials are freely available online.

Education and Training Clearthought – E-learning Image
Education and Training Clearthought – E-learning Image

Social media

Social media tools will also play an increasingly significant role in this fast changing landscape as content is promoted and shared through the platforms. The trend is epitomised by the recent sale of Lynda.com to LinkedIn. Lynda.com provides video courses to paying subscribers hoping to learn online, with tutorials on a wide range of business subjects.

The premise for the deal rests on the ability for LinkedIn to connect people with jobs, whilst Lynda aims to connect people to the education required to fulfil the role.

The highly fragmented market is set to continue to report a sustained high level of deals as corporate training providers and vocational training companies look to incorporate e-learning into their delivery models. Further, leading educational publishers are also looking to transition to digital learning and are turning to M&A to achieve this.

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Clio Online acquired by Bonnier

Clio Online is a Danish Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company which develops, publishes and markets interactive digital K-12 educational materials.

Since the company’s foundation in 2006, Clio Online has grown to become the leading Danish publisher of K-12 digital educational material, covering the entire elementary school curriculum from Maths, Danish, English and German through History and Religion to Natural Science, Science & Technology and Gym.

In recent years, Clio Online has experienced tremendous growth rates of over 50% annually, achieved by a strong first mover position and positive market conditions. Going forward, the impressive growth is expected to continue as Clio Online, backed by Bonnier, is expected to expand internationally and as school expenditures continue to favour ed-tech rather than basic instructional materials.

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