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Cloudex deal tracker

Our deal tracker looks at the latest UK SaaS and cloud technology deals, to track acquisition appetite, hot sectors and prices being paid.

Date Target Target description Acquirer Deal value (£m) EV/Revenue EV/EBITDA
09/10/2017 Reapit Ltd Property management software Accel KKR n.a n.a n.a
04/10/2017 Datagenic Ltd Data management software Drillinginfo Inc n.a n.a n.a
04/10/2017 Ensek Limited Utilities software LDC n.a n.a n.a
04/10/2017 Qube Global Software Limited Facilities management software MRI Software LLC n.a n.a n.a
19/09/2017 Real Asset Management plc Asset management software MRI Software LLC n.a n.a n.a
15/09/2017 Syslink Group Limited Application performance monitoring software Synova Capital n.a n.a n.a
06/09/2017 Atex Group Limited Media software Vela Software International, Inc n.a n.a n.a
05/09/2017 EG Solutions plc Back office optimisation software Verint Systems Inc 25.5 n.a n.a
05/09/2017 ETL Factory Ltd Data automation platform HCL Technologies Limited 7 1.1x n.a
25/08/2017 Algorbet Limited Digital algorithmic trading systems Sports Tradex Limited 32 n.a n.a
21/08/2017 Sequel Business Solutions Limited Insurance software Verisk Analytics Inc 250 9.6x 20.6x
17/08/2017 Cognia Cloud Limited Video software Smarsh Inc n.a n.a n.a
07/08/2017 MatsSoft Limited Workflow and communication software Netcall plc 14.1 n.a n.a
01/08/2017 mplsystems Limited Omnichannel contact centre software Industrial & Financial Systems AB 12 n.a n.a
01/08/2017 Intrinsys Limited PLM software Addnode AB 15.2 n.a n.a
01/08/2017 Impero Solutions Limited Network managed software Investcorp 27.5 3.6x 12.1x
31/07/2017 Service Works Group Limited Facilities and property management software Addnode AB 18.2 n.a n.a
30/07/2017 Market Data Services Limited Telecom expense management software Sumeru Equity Partners, L.P. n.a n.a n.a
19/07/2017 Piriform Software Ltd Device performance optimisation software AVAST Software s.r.o. n.a n.a n.a
06/07/2017 Nostrum Group Limited Digital lending software Equiniti Group plc n.a n.a n.a
03/07/2017 Simulity Labs Limited Embedded communications and server based applications ARM Holdings plc 11.7 n.a n.a
30/06/2017 Jagex Ltd (49% stake) Online games publisher Shanghai Fukong Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd 494.9 n.a n.a
22/06/2017 Atex Group Limited Digital software to media industry Axelero S.p.A 4.1 0.2x 2.4x
16/06/2017 Autologic Diagnostics Group Limited Vehicle diagnostics software solutions Opus Group AB 8 0.5x 3.1x
13/06/2017 Kalibrate Technologies plc Fuel pricing software Hanover Investors Management LLP 26.4 0.8x 7.8x
13/06/2017 Monitise plc Mobile banking technology Fiserv Inc 41.1 0.6x n.a
31/05/2017 Software Generation Limited Content archive and storage management solutions FPE Capital LLP n.a n.a n.a
24/05/2017 Results Squared Limited Cloud education solutions IRIS Software Group n.a n.a n.a
11/05/2017 Improbable Worlds Limited Virtual world simulations SoftBank Group Corp. 388.9 n.a n.a
09/05/2017 Postcode Anywhere Holdings Limited Address management and location software GB Group plc 73.9 n.a n.a
24/04/2017 ProspectSoft Limited CRM and e-commerce SaaS Maven Capital 6 n.a n.a
20/04/2017 SecurEnvoy Limited Multifactor authentication software solutions Shearwater Group plc 20 6.3x 9.1x
18/04/2017 Utiligroup Limited Energy data management software Energy Services Group, LLC /Accel KKR n.a n.a n.a
06/04/2017 Transactor Global Solutions Ltd Insurance software Open GI Limited 40.0 n.a n.a
06/04/2017 Rivo Software Ltd Environmental, health and safety software Sphera Solutions n.a n.a n.a
04/04/2017 Blackbay Ltd Transport and logistics software BluJay Solutions Ltd n.a n.a n.a
30/03/2017 Ingresso Group Ltd Online ticket marketplace Technology Group plc 29.3 0.7x n.a
28/03/2017 Junifer Systems Limited Customer information and billing software Gentrack Group Lim 41.9 n.a n.a
27/03/2017 Infracast Limited Messaging software IMImobile plc 7.9 0.8x n.a
23/03/2017 PleaseTech Limited Document review software Ideagen plc 12.0 3.1x 9.4x
15/03/2017 Safe Computing Limited HR software Access Technology Group Limited n.a n.a n.a
13/03/2017 Web Services Integration Limited Back office software CBPE Capital LLP n.a n.a n.a
09/03/2017 Message Automation Limited OTC Derivatives software Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc n.a n.a n.a
09/03/2017 Resterra Limited Agriculture software Origin Enterprises plc 16.2 n.a n.a
05/03/2017 ITRS Group Limited Financial services software TA Associates Management, L.P. n.a n.a n.a
03/03/2017 Fairsail Limited (79.3%) HR software The Sage Group plc n.a n.a n.a
03/03/2017 Algomi Ltd Fixed income market data Euronext NV 8.2 n.a n.a
02/03/2017 Ontology Partners Ltd Network topology SaaS Exfo Inc n.a 1.9x n.a
01/03/2017 Websky Limited Estate agency software Zoopla Property Group plc n.a n.a n.a
28/02/2017 SecureCom Media Holdings Limited Telecommunication software Sealand Capital Galaxy 3.0 n.a n.a
28/02/2017 Emergent Network Intelligence Ltd Business process software Verisk Analytics Inc n.a n.a n.a
27/02/2017 Silver Lining Solutions Ltd Employee performance optimisation software Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. n.a n.a n.a
22/02/2017 Diaku Ltd Data governance software Informatica Corporation n.a n.a n.a
17/02/2017 ICSA Boardroom Apps Limited Software development company Diligent Corporation n.a n.a n.a
16/02/2017 Satago Solutions Limited Cloud based technology for SMEs Oxygen Finance Limited n.a n.a n.a
16/02/2017 Cloudreach Europe Limited Cloud technology services Blackstone Group LP n.a n.a n.a
16/02/2017 OAG Aviation Worldwide Limited Real time flight data Vitruvian Partners LLP 172.3 n.a 14.8x
15/02/2017 OpenCloud Ltd Service differentiation and network solutions Metaswitch Networks Ltd n.a n.a n.a
13/02/2017 Audience+ Ltd CRM solutions Custom Solutions SA n.a n.a n.a
09/02/2017 General Advertising & Marketing Measurement & Analysis Associates Limited Survey research software mTAB LLC n.a n.a n.a
03/02/2017 IQUS Limited Rota management software M3, Inc 7.1 n.a n.a
02/02/2017 Ayima Holdings Ltd SaaS solutions/IT consulting B18 Invest IV AB n.a n.a n.a
31/01/2017 AlwaysON Group Limited Managed network solutions On Direct Business Services Limited n.a n.a n.a
25/01/2017 tyntec Group Limited Cloud communications company Cipio Partners GmbH n.a n.a n.a
20/01/2017 ParentPay Ltd School dinner payment software Isuz Ltd n.a n.a n.a
12/01 2017 Boardworks Ltd Digital curriculum software provider Education Group Ltd n.a n.a n.a
09/01/2017 Babel Systems Limited Securities processing platform InvestCloud, Inc. 16.4 n.a n.a
05/01/2017 PS Financials Limited Financial accounting software IRIS Software Group Limited n.a n.a n.a
05/01/2017 CandidateID Ltd Talent generation software Social Media Search Limited n.a n.a n.a
04/01/2017 Autodata Publishing Group Ltd Automotive aftermarket technical SaaS Solera Holdings Inc 340.0 n.a n.a