B2B information services Image
B2B information services Image

Opportunities for growth
The Software and Information Industry Association’s latest report on the market
positions the information and database services sector as the biggest opportunity for
the B2B media industry. Whilst the events market shows modest growth and print
advertising continues its decline, the relatively immature information and data market
represents a pocket of growth - driving players such as Hanley Wood to sell off its
exhibition business in order to focus on data.

Key Trends
Mobility – The rapid growth ofnsmartphone and 4G infrastructure is fuellingnan increasing number of mobile informationnusers. B2B information providers must benresponsive on all devices as users demandntheir business intelligence on the move.
Strategic Consolidation – The sector’snmarket leaders have led the way in M&Anin the last fi ve years, largely focusing onndominating the industry verticals that theynalready occupy. Competition for assets isnintensifying, however, as Private Equity fi rmsnproactively target the market and Asiannbuyers, such as Nikkei with its acquisitionnof the FT, demonstrate serious appetite tonoperate in European geographies.
Digital Uptake – B2B digital informationnusage has greatly varied by end market.nFinancial services, electronics and medianhave led the way in digitising theirninformation platforms, whereas realnestate, construction and hospitality haventraditionally lagged behind. We expect tonsee great leaps in the digitisation of contentnfor sectors with a more traditional outlook.