ProTec Vinduer sold to Inwido

Pro Tec Vinduer is an innovative family business founded by Bjarne and Jonna Haulrik in 1993. The company manufactures and sells windows (wood/aluminum and wood/glass) in the Danish market and exports to several European markets. Pro Tec Vinduer employs 140 people. All windows are produced at the factory in Holstebro.

The strong competition in the window market forces companies to constantly streamline development, production, distribution and delivery. Pro Tec Vinduer looks forward to being a part of the Inwido group, which opens new opportunities for growth in the Holstebro-based company, which in 2010 generated more than 170 million DKK.

Pro Tec Vinduer will benefit from the sale by gaining access to a range of new sales channels. With the acquisition Inwido also will benefit from Pro Tec Vinduer’s approach to products, located at the top of the market in terms of design and energy technology. At the same time Inwido achieves a great approach to knowledge which can be exploited – not only in Inwido Denmark but also in the rest of the Inwido group.