International presence

Our clients are increasingly global in their outlook and so are we. With our clients increasingly operating on a global scale we need the capability to deliver our world-class service offering wherever they may be.

That’s why today we have 15 offices worldwide offering our full range of services, and why we are perfectly positioned to assist our clients in whichever country they may be working.

Goetz Hertz-Eichenrode

“Clearwater has the ability to find the best international buyers. On the sell-side this is particularly important as it is crucial for vendors to show international reach.”

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Private equity – International presence Image

Private equity – International presence Image

Developing long term relationships to advise on international mergers

Our international credentials were confirmed when we acted as sole financial adviser to leading German label producer X-label, on its merger with German RAKO Group and the Brazilian market leader Baumgarten. The joining of the three family-owned regional champions forms the new leading international firm All4Labels with 3,000 employees, 25 production sites and 5,000 clients across various sectors and industries.

Having advised X-label for many years, our excellent knowledge and understanding of the company’s requirements ensured we delivered the very best deal for the business to focus on internationalisation, on the development of new markets with new products, and on access to complementary technologies.

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Crevan O’Grady

“Clearwater has a big spread, is well co-ordinated, and has growing market share. Since the Version 1 deal we have also tapped into Clearwater’s global presence and wider connections as we pursue a buy-and-build strategy for Version 1. Clearwater has been good at putting us in touch with people around Europe and helping us raise its profile.

“The personalised service offering is a big part of the attraction of engaging with a corporate finance house like Clearwater. To be honest, if we had bought this service from an investment bank for the Version 1 deal we would have just been put through a process. Having a Clearwater partner staying very close to the deal at all times was absolutely key to making it happen.”

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Private equity – International presence Image