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The Recipe 2016

  • Trend towards functional, free-from, organic and healthy alternatives
  • Three leading ingredient manufacturers dicuss how they are responding to the fast-changing consumer tastes
  • M&A analysis of the global food and beverage sector

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Snacks Clearthought 2015

  • The impact of the healthy living trend on 'Big Food' and snackification
  • Faster-paced lifestyles have created demand for pre-packaged, ready-to-eat snacks
  • Emerging markets and the internationalisation of snacking

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The Recipe - 2015

  • The drivers of China's M&A market
  • Exclusive interviews with R&R Ice Cream and Arla
  • Spanish business Osborne discusses its Far East strategy

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Food Clearthought - Nov 2013

  • M&A Outlook
  • Continuing Attraction of Traditional Brands
  • Fast Growing Sub-Sectors
  • Taking Brands to Emerging Markets

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