Healthcare Sector Comment – January 2014


December saw the completion of 11 deals in the UK healthcare market. An interesting deal saw private equity firm Graphite Capital acquire City & County Healthcare from Sovereign Capital Partners. City & County is the UK’s fourth largest home care provider. This was the first investment made from Graphite’s new £500 million fund.

This month also saw Bridgepoint Development Capital acquire Quotient Clinical Limited from its parent organisation, Quotient Bioresearch. Quotient is a provider of outsourced, early stage drug development services to the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a formulation development platform that has been proven to significantly reduce the time and cost of drug development. The company operates in a lucrative growing pharmaceutical outsourcing market.

More Deals

Diagnostic Healthcare Ltd acquired Ultrasound Now Ltd for an undisclosed amount. Diagnostic Healthcare is a UK provider of diagnostic services and treatments. Ultrasound is a UK private scanning clinic operator.

Adept Medicare Ltd acquired Primera Assisted Living Ltd for an undisclosed amount. Adept is a UK private equity firm. Primera is a UK company that delivers recruitment services to the healthcare industry.

Duke Street LLP acquired Baywater Healthcare Limited for an undisclosed amount. Baywater is a UK company engaged in oxygen therapy, sleep apnoea therapy, ventilation and telehealth services.

Crawford Healthcare Ltd acquired Archimed LLP for an undisclosed amount. Crawford is a UK supplier of dermatology and wound care products. Archimed is a UK wound dressing manufacturer.

Kester Capital acquired Frontier Medical Products Ltd for an undisclosed amount. Frontier is a UK medical pressure ulcer prevention surfaces and needle harm reduction equipment manufacturer.

90 North Real Estate Partners acquired ten PrimeLife care homes for a total consideration of £40m.

AstraZeneca plc acquired Bristol-Myers Squibb shares of global diabetes alliance assets for a total consideration of £14.5m. AstraZeneca is a UK multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company. Bristol-Myers is a global pharmaceutical company.

Positive Life Choices Ltd acquired Ruby Slippers for an undisclosed amount. Positive Life Choices is a UK home care provider. Ruby Slippers is a UK home care provider to the elderly.

Al Noor Hospitals Group plc acquired Gulf International Cancer Centre for a total consideration of £14.5m. Al Noor is a UK private hospital services provider. Gulf International is a United Arab Emirates cancer treatment centre.