Health-conscious consumers seek to improve physical and mental wellness and extend life expectancy


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Exercising as little as 150 minutes a week can increase life expectancy by more than 3 years¹, and those over the age of 50 are spending more to improve their health and wellness². At the same time the effect of social media is having an impact on fitness activity of millennials, with the constant reminder of post-workout photos and attractive new gym apparel³. Whilst people focus more on exercise, clean eating and reducing alcohol intake, gyms and spas are reaping the benefits of the increasingly health-conscious consumer.

Health & Fitness

The health and fitness sector continues to thrive across Europe, and we expect to see further cross-border consolidation as large groups look to expand their reach into new geographical areas. Clearwater International has strong experience in this space having recently advised:

Health & Wellbeing

The wellbeing segment is experiencing growth, driven by consumers continuous spend on experiences over products, being more conscious of their health and general wellbeing, and looking to escape the chaos of everyday life. Alongside these factors, with the impact of social media, consumers place more importance on beauty and anti-ageing treatments. Clearwater International has recently transacted with businesses in this space, which includes advising:

  • Thermal establishment and spa operator Arenadour, on the disposal of the group to SRS, a major player in private health care and medico-social care
  • Shareholders of France Thermes, owner, developer, and operator of thermal resorts, on the disposal of the group to private equity fund Gimv

Gareth Iley, Partner and International Head of Consumer, Clearwater International added: “We’ve seen significant growth within the fitness and wellbeing market, with businesses growing and new entrants developing new niche concepts. We’re seeing domestic markets become increasingly competitive, and players are now seeking international development, providing M&A opportunities.”

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