Danika Grønt acquired by Wernsing Feinkost

Clearwater Advisor

Danika Grønt has been acquired by Wernsing Feinkost, Germany. The purpose of the acquisition so Wernsing Feinkost can continue to provide a strategic platform in the Scandinavian market.

Danika Grønt is one of the leading manufacturers in pasteurized knife peeled potatoes in the Danish foodservice market – exports have been steadily increasing over the years. The company is a major supplier to professional food wholesalers.

Wernsing Feinkost is a family owned and family run business with approx. 2900 employees and a turnover of approx. € 750 million.

Both Danika Grønt and Wernsing Feinkost are characterized as family-owned companies with similar goals and values, which have been important parameters and essential for the management of Danika Grønt. Danika Grønt will continue under the same name and with the existing management team and dedicated employees.