Bucknall Austin secure fundraising package to achieve strategy

Clearwater Advisor

Brandsoft was established as a software company in 1984 and currently employs 20 people. The company has developed and sells various hosted solutions for managing churches and cemeteries as well as solutions for nurseries. Brandsoft is a well-run company which fits well into the EG’s platform of integrated business solutions in Scandinavia. Brandsoft continues as an independent business unit in EG Data Inform, and principal shareholders Kurt Paaskesen and Frank Hansen will continue in the company.

EG Group is a Danish-based company with 850 employees providing IT solutions and consulting services to the Scandinavian market within ERP systems, e-business solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Business Intelligence (BI), portals, electronic document management and infrastructure solutions and products.

“This is a unique deal as it’s the management who are providing all the equity funding. This fundraising widens the shareholding and enables a considerable number of the management to play a real role in our business – a business they firmly believe in. All employees will have the opportunity to purchase shares and we believe that the wide share ownership is the ideal structure for people businesses.”

John Morgan, Chief Executive, Bucknall Austin

“This has been a complex and interesting deal to put together with the managers – it’s unusual to work with 70 clients all at the same time. And they are in effect putting their money where their mouth is! “We also advised on the MBO in February and this subsequent deal enables this owner-managed business to secure financing for the ongoing future of the business. Bucknall Austin has gone from strength to strength since February and this is a very exciting time for them.”

Phil Burns, Partner, Clearwater International