TMT Blog: Tech Innovation

Two pieces of smart tech innovation caught my eye this week.

Firstly: Google’s latest feature could potentially mean that you never have to stand in a queue again! Through the use of location tracking data logged by apps on smartphones, consumers will be able to identify when specific outlets, cafes or even gyms are likely to be at their busiest – therefore avoiding the inevitable hustle and bustle found on the high street. The queue data will appear within Google when a company’s page is selected with a ‘swipeable’ rundown showing the firm’s hourly popularity on each given day.

Secondly: as cycling becomes more popular (partly due to the exploits of Mr Froome and Co), tech companies are finding innovative ways to make cyclists less vulnerable and ensure that they are more visible to drivers. Transport for London is currently running a trial at junctions to detect cyclists, Lumos – an integrated brake-light and turn-signal helmet – has recently smashed its Kickstarter funding target, and Garmin has created a gadget which sits on the back of a bike and detects following traffic.

Only time will tell as to how the market will react to each product. Who knows – shopping may actually become fun?!