TMT Blog: DLA Tech Summit


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Just been to DLA’s tech summit on the basis they have worked out not to have lawyers speaking about IP protection and other yawn-worthy issues. Inspiring speech from Google… no surprise there I know, but always interesting to hear what tech’s biggest brains see as the themes to watch…

  • another decade of Moore’s Law
  • ubiquitous internet
  • more cloud
  • wearable devices
  • smart robots
  • connected ‘everything’
  • 10x innovation / moonshot thinking … Seriously big thinking such as driverless vehicles as the solution to a million road deaths p.a.
  • data beats opinion… big data giving us much better decision making than listening to the HIPPO (Highest Paid Person in the Organisation)

Also fascinating is to see the outcome of Google’s experiments in Kansas and Houston where they have put in broadband with a gigabit up and down simply to see how people start to use this. Applying for the green card as we speak…