What makes a successful online business?


Clearwater Corporate Finance recently hosted a breakfast seminar with guest speaker Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief at Internet Retailing. The theme was “What makes a successful online business?”.

Ian gave a candid insight into how retailers both on and off line now need to be ruthless, focused and completely customer orientated in order to survive in the current climate. Most importantly he stressed the need to be thinking cross channel when considering marketing and customer service.

Ian is a regular keynote speaker on the internet and e-Commerce and amongst other topics provides insight into e-Commerce in multi-channel retail and publishing. Ian’s clients include House of Fraser, Austin Reed, Reiss, Otto UK and David Morris.

Clearwater will be hosting further seminars in the future with other guest speakers. If you would like to attend please contact Inge Armstrong on 0845 052 0306. For further details on Ian Jindal and his recent presentation please see Ian’s website www.ianjindal.com.