Clearwater International France advises MBO Partenaires on the acquisition of BCF Life Sciences

Clearwater International France has advised MBO Partenaires on the acquisition of BCF Life Sciences.

MBO Partenaires takes over from Céréa Capital and Sodero Gestion, which acquired BCF Life Sciences in 2012, and will give the management (which reinvests to strengthen its majority) the financial resources and the human support necessary for the further development of the Group.

Based in Pleucadeuc (Morbihan), BCF Life Sciences is a leader of amino acids extraction by producing and selling 3 product ranges:

  • L-Cystine and L-Tyrosine, amino acids primarily used in infant nutrition, food supplements and clinical nutrition;
  • Carbocistéine, mucoregulatory active pharmaceutical ingredient;
  • Free amino acid mix intended for animal nutrition (especially veterinary dietary products for dogs and cats, aquaculture) and vegetable (foliar biostimulants).

The Group’s turnover was €30m in 2017 and more than 60% of its activity abroad.

Since 2012, the Group’s economic performance has been considerably increased, notably thanks to the commercial success of free amino acid powders. To support its growth, the Group invested €8m in a drying tower in 2015.

The Clearwater International team was composed of Philippe Guézenec, Managing Partner, Laurence de Rosamel (Debt Advisory), Managing Director, Julien Choppin, Director, Paul Assaël (Debt Advisory), Associate, Bastien Lescalmel, Associate, Léa Joly (Debt Advisory), Analyst and Sébastien Allegot, Analyst.

Xavier de Prévoisin, Partner, MBO Partenaires said: “BCF Life Sciences is a highly innovative company with a strong international base. By investing in its R&D, commercial and industrial resources, we will be able to accelerate its growth and transfer to higher value-added products. We are very happy to accompany BCF Life Sciences and its management in this new phase.”

Gilles Sicard, Managing Director, Céréa Capital commented: “What attracted us in BCF Life Sciences is the high traceable quality of its products with multiple applications in health as well as nutrition or beauty, but also managers very involved in the evolution of their own worldwide strategy from Pleucadeuc. We wish them all the favorable winds with MBO Partenaires.”

Jacques Pidoux et Renaud Sergheraert, Managers, BCF Life Sciences added: “The arrival of MBO Partenaires opens a new page to further accelerate the strategy of innovation and international development while guaranteeing the company the pursuit of its industrial investments essential to its growth.”

Philippe Guezenec, Managing Partner, Clearwater International said: “The Clearwater International team is particularly proud to have supported MBO Partenaires in its investment in BCF Life Sciences. Clearwater’s international teams provided MBO Partenaires with expertise in the ingredients field which was a key element in this success. BCF’s conquest project is now a real challenge for MBO Partenaires to support, while Clearwater will better assist the team in its future developments.”