December 2017

Increased capital requirements for banks in the UK and Europe mean it is likely there will be further diversification in funding options for mid-market businesses in the UK going forward.

June 2017

Asset based finance is increasing in high-growth and private equity backed businesses.

February 2017

Proposed ECB guidelines on leveraged transactions

July 2016

Growth in private debt capital targeting non-sponsored transactions.

April 2016

Market uncertainty surrounding a slowing global economy, instability in oil prices and political events has created nervousness around the high yield bond markets.

December 2015

Is the banking crisis era is over for the UK? The news release from the Bank of England (BOE) seems to say it is.

November 2015

A material increase in the level of liquidity in debt funded shareholder transactions.

September 2015

Is now the time to take advantage of cheap loan prices?

May 2015

Peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, and the relevance to mid-market corporates.

December 2014

Banks have done much to repair their balance sheets over recent years.

September 2014

International regulators are focusing on shadow banking, looking into potential risks in the industry.

Innovation in debt markets funds growth – Insider Media – June 2017

Director Joe Dyke discusses debt providers offering more innovative choices to borrowers.

New Debt Capital – Insider Media- April 2017

Partner and head of debt advisory Mark Taylor discusses why we’re now seeing the emergence of debt funds outside of London, and what will it mean for dealmaking in the
North West?

Debt Advisory Clearthought 2016

Recent trends in the debt markets and expectations for the future

The diverse range of funding options for businesses

M&A analysis of the European market

Debt Advisory Clearthought 2015

Overview of recent trends and future expectations for debt markets

Resurgence in lending from banks, but transactions supported by non-bank lenders are on the increase

Appetite for refinancing is growing, as well as increasing M&A activity

Debt Markets Clearthought 2014

Overview of recent trends and future expectations for debt funds in the funding market

Focus on new funders, increased leverage and “cov-loose” and “cov-lite” loan facilities

Interviews with Pricoa Capital Group and Chenavari Investment Managers

Deals roundup 2016

As predicted, there has continued to be a shift in the debt finance market towards alternative lenders, with this being particularly pronounced in sponsored deals

Deals roundup 2015

Clearwater International’s experienced Debt Advisory team completed 16 transactions in 2015

The entrance of a variety of new lenders to the debt market means that there is an extensive choice of funding options available

Debt Advisory Brochure 2014

Deals review

Regulation, CLOs and implications for PE

Key market themes

Tips for refinancing