Clearwater International’s management advisory team has significant experience representing the interests of management teams, enabling them to partner with financial investors that achieve management’s ambitions and maximise their value.

In today’s sophisticated financial world management teams often find themselves in the centre of a transaction. In some cases it may be that the corporate that owns your business has decided to sell and you are now in a process unsure as to who will be the buyer and what your position will be if a private equity fund acquires the business.

Alternatively you may work in a private equity backed business that is planning an exit, leaving you unsure as to what the next transaction and commercial terms will look like, and how much money you will be able to take off the table.

Or maybe you work for a private business and the owners have offered you a management buyout – but you are not sure how you might finance one, how to raise that finance and what terms you should be looking for.

There is now extensive competition within the Private Equity market for attractive assets and their Management Teams, resulting from greater capital availability from successful fundraisings and new market entrants. Over 50% of our deals have Private Equity involvement, and our team is able to use this extensive knowledge to negotiate financial and commercial terms that ensure Management’s interests are considered and their commercial terms properly negotiated. We offer assistance throughout the entire transaction process, liaising with all other advisors on behalf of Management, driving to a successful completion.

Our track record has enabled us to build strong relationships with a breadth of financial investors, from traditional private equity groups to family offices, providing unrivalled insight into their investment practices.