Doublet Records acquired by HE VA Maskinfabrik

Clearwater rådgiver

The main activity is production of cultivators with importers and distributors in 23 countries. Doublet Records was founded in 1936 by the owner’s father, and it was time to pass on the ownership and get some new energy to future growth. The company was sold to HE-VA Maskinfabrik, a company where both products and size matched Doublet Records optimally.

With the takeover of Doublet Records, the production area and number of employees at HE-VA Maskinfabrik has suddenly doubled in size, and agricultural machines are now produced at two addresses. Today the total production area amounts to a 26,400 m2 of very modern production machinery with 125 employees.

With focus on design and construction of new machines which, with high-capacity, make the field work of modern agriculture more efficient, HE-VA will be an interesting and serious partner for the Danish and the international agriculture.