TMT Blog: GoPros for goal posts



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The world cup will be kicking off tomorrow and for the first time goal line technology will be used in the biggest sporting competition on the planet. FIFA had accepted bids from a total of four goal-line technology companies before ultimately siding with GoalControl. For the tournament, GoalControl’s system, called “4D,” will use 14 cameras — seven aimed at each goal — to measure with absolute precision if the ball crossed the goal line completely. When compared with the competition however, GoalControl’s technology won out because of its flexibility and functionality with any goal — it will detect any type of ball, and no modifications have to be made to the pitch. Whether or not it will work in England’s favour remains to be seen but after the launch of Clearwater International following our merger with firms in Denmark, Spain and Portugal earlier this week, at least we will be able to hedge our bets with the wider Clearwater family – that is with the exception of our Danish counterparts who narrowly missed out after finishing second in their qualifying group to Italy. Ohh, and I forgot to mention — GoalControl is a Germany-based company, hmmmm ;-\