TMT Blog: Drinkables and Driveables



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Last week saw some interesting developments where Apple acquired Beats speakers, headphones and (importantly) streaming service (that can functionally rival Spotify), Google unveiling its self-drive car and Samsung showing off the new Open Wearable Health Tracker called Simband.

Although these organisations have always been seen as innovative, it is the first time in a while that they are back to showing their disruptive side. If all goes to plan, Apple will be battling Spotify to gain back the market share they have lost to the music service provider and with the Apple Brand and market muscle to grow Beats it is likely that they will be able to compete at a lower content cost.

Moreover, Samsung is taking advantage of one of the fastest growing tech trends that is emerging in 2014 – wearable technology. Samsung’s Simband is an open technology meaning that third parties can access the platform and build new applications for it. This is likely to be disruptive as it will open the gates for developers to create new innovations for the platform and typically accelerates the speed of development.

Both Apple and Samsung have diversified outside their core offering with these actions. However, the boldest move is that of Google’s self-drive car – a great example of its “10x Innovation” ethos and the Internet of Things.

To be honest, I am quite excited to see who will do what next. We’ve got downloadables, driveables, wearables. Maybe drinkables, edibles or liveables?…but will they be similarly possible and more importantly fundable?