TMT Blog: CES 2015 – the future is here (again)



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So another chilly January and therefore another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has gone by. Each January the world’s largest tech show rolls into Las Vegas and tries to offer us a glimpse into the future we didn’t know was possible. Looking at the press from the show I thought I’d highlight some of the more notable trends that caught my own eye.

Slowly but surely drones are becoming more and more affordable to the average consumer. We could therefore very soon see more and more ‘flying robots’ in our skies and the word ‘dronie’ will soon be commonplace!  Aside from the  many genuinely practical applications for drones (I am thinking search and rescue or security surveillance ) the impact of drones on our personal lives cannot be over estimated. Privacy in areas we thought safe could be seriously compromised and how governments go about regulating such low flying air space will be interesting to see!

The connected car – more evolution rather than revolution really as the concept has been around for a while, but more and more car manufacturers are using CES to demonstrate their innovation in this space. It’s a tricky area for the manufacturers as the more tech that goes into cars the more risk of distraction from the road ahead (facebook status updates as we drive really?).  The automated or self-driving car will be the only way to avoid this risk but the practicalities of such cars on our existing roads will concern many.

Although both of these trends carry risks they look like they are here to stay and demonstrate how in tech, the major companies of today can quickly be side-lined by the minnows of today. Now, I only wish I know which companies will become the next Apple or Google…